ESA/Royal Observatory Belgium

ESA/Royal Observatory Belgium

On Saturday morning, two days before the onset of the Great American Eclipse of 2017, I woke up and realized I was going to cut my hair. Now. To folks living outside of my brain, this may have appeared to be an impulsive decision judging by the Facebook response. But it wasn’t. I’d been thinking about it for several months, and next thing I know, I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror, holding out one long loc, evidence of five years of not having the time or patience to “do” my hair beyond washing it and refreshing the color every few months, and snip. Off it went. A dozen more locs quickly followed into the bathroom sink. By the time I got to the mullet stage, I started laughing through a few tears, not just at how strange I was beginning to look, but when I realized what I was doing and at one point I’d decided to go through with it. I thought, ‘Wow. The wave from this eclipse is not a game.’ Of all the opportunities I’d had this year to cut my hair, the timing and the fresh start just felt right. That’s all I had to go on. And so I did.

So, there you have it. That’s my personal example of how the rest of 2017 is going to go down for a lot of folks. Apart from some of the rampant feelings of literal dis-ease during the eclipse (everything from nausea and dizziness to sinus pressure, stomachaches, sudden menstruation pains for women, and mood swings for everyone), decisions that might have been placed on hold for the last several months as we all re-orient ourselves to a new cycle, will descend like quick-fire. You may be feeling a bit breathless when it’s all over if you are not already, and more than a little reckless as you machete-chop your way out of the weeds. Good. You’re right where you need to be. And, I have a feeling for some of you, change is long overdue. I’m getting the sensation that the reception for your sudden about-face to complacency will come through to others like that infamous line from Kevin Hart’s stand-up, “You gon’ learn today!” You should be grinning by now. It’s like if people thought they knew you, they really have no idea. But they’re about to. Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the surprise.

I do want to provide a little crash-course context surrounding 2017 thus far. I have also taken the liberty of asking Mark J. Royse, to provide us with the significance of the solar eclipse, the effects of which we’ll be feeling on into 2018. For those of you who are like me and astrology often sounds like calculus, Mark is great at breaking things down in a palatable and engaging manner! But first...

2017 is a “1 Year”

Here’s what I can tell you about 2017 that is most likely having an impact on you more than anything. 2017 is what is known as a “1 Year.” Anyone who has passing interest in numerology can tell you that the number “1” signifies a new beginning. A fresh page. A new leaf. A do-over. Numerologists believe we operate in nine-year cycles (give or take a few months) so that would make 2017, when you reduce the numbers, a 1. 2016 was a “9 Year” or a completion year. In other words, events that were put into motion in 2007 saw their conclusion last year. I don't think any of us are trying to dredge up the gory details of how 2016 showed its ass as a completion year at the moment, but you get my point.

A “1 Year” is all about sowing new seeds, standing at personal and professional crossroads, weighing all of the odds, and moving away from people, places, behaviors, and thought patterns that no longer serve our overall well-being. Sound familiar? Not entirely comfortable, is it? What growth spurt do you know of that is comfortable? Think about a “1 Year” as a short-term investment for a long-term payoff. How you make your decisions is slightly more important than what you decide. Whether you subscribe to the law of attraction or nah, no one can deny that what you energetically invest into an event or pastime or partnership will color your experience and memory of it later. Let’s put a pin in that.  

Resistance is Futile

In many cases, amid the life-altering changes and transitions of 2017, in an admirable display of hubris, I have noticed a lot of people digging in their heels. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for these folks, but 2017 is not the year for sitting still. It’s an action-oriented year and a lot of people are being booted off their swing by retrogrades and eclipses. I suspect that I’m not the only one who’s feeling a bit like an exposed nerve wandering around in the world, their intuition ping-ponging all over the intestines.

If you are feeling a bit chaotic these days, mentally drained, exhausted, angry, helpless, sleepless, obsessed with what’s out of your control (hint: it ALL is), that’s the paradigm shift at work in you. We are going through a bit of a cosmic course correction at the moment, and we’re all feeling it. Tempers flare at slight miscommunications, especially online, some ugly cries may be thrown in there somewhere during a Netflix binge, detachment from loved ones, and in some cases, over-indulgence to soothe old wounds as a survival strategy. Many of us are being leveled up energetically. What we’ve always known to be true is being overhauled. Upgraded. We're being primed for the next cycle.

All is not lost. You can work on honing your intuition by becoming aware of how you react/respond to the events in your life. My suggestion is to not resist the process. Allow yourself to feel all the feels. Carl Jung stated, “What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” (You can read more about why people resist change here). But as we head into the twilight of 2017, if you’re no closer to answers in some cases than at the beginning and you find yourself at the mercy of your emotions, the most frequent suggestion will be to focus on self-care and keep a close eye on your physical and mental health. You could decide to try and pick up Tai Chi or a mindfulness practice to understand more about where you hold tension in the body, or go for long walks to clear your head with consistent, forward motion, allowing your body to model endurance for the mind.

Also, you might find it useful on some level, to detach yourself from an experience and take mental (or literal) note of what perplexes you. I picked up an automatic writing practice last year and it’s worked wonders for clearing out repetitive thought patterns triggered by events that reinforce trauma in my inter-personal relationships. I type most of it on my phone late at night and I don't pay attention to spelling, grammar, but just getting it out of my system because it's better out than in. Sometimes, I just record myself talking about a situation into my phone’s recorder app, as though I were talking to a friend on the phone. Later, I play it back and marvel, like, “Wow. I didn’t even really know I thought that.” So, by removing a bit of attachment to a given scenario and examining your life as an anthropologist might—ask yourself: What are my patterns, my private rituals, my reactions to confrontation?" Make a note and then occasionally go back through to see what you need to work on in terms of learning to respond to crisis instead of react. But whatever you do, don’t resist the feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, anger, frustration, fear. Those point to your boundaries, and how can you expand if you don’t know where those are, right? It also might interest you to know that there has recently been a spike in “the Schumann resonance” which you can read about here. According to this theory, everyone’s energy is dramatically affected by the shift in the Earth's electromagnetic field. 

Anyhow. Below is Mark’s riveting report on what went down with the solar eclipse. And below that, I’ve posted a couple of videos of card readings I've done while surfing that solar-burst-of-energy-wave with my new cropped 'do. The first video is a general Post-Eclipse (I almost typed Post-Apocalypse! Ha!) tarot spread for each of the signs on what it would be best to be aware of and focus on moving forward, complete with goddess guidance oracle cards. And if you subscribe to my North Node Tarot YouTube channel, I’ll be posting updates periodically about what’s going on, particularly in terms of soulmate partnerships and calls to life-purpose. This has been a positively alchemical year for both of those subjects so far, but there’s definitely more to come before we’re through. Also, for my Virgo compatriots, it’s Virgo season! Time for harvest! Allow me to be among the first to gift you with a special reading all to yourself, also below! Enjoy!

Notes on the Solar Eclipse
by Mark J. Royse, Armchair Mystic

Ancient civilizations around the world share eclipse stories of a great dragon who eats the sun.  In Western mysticism, his name is Draco, and the moon is his consort, his mother, his egg.  His head (Caput Draconis) is the moon’s north node and his tail (Cauda Draconis) is the south.

The moon’s orbit is elliptical and tilted at a 5° angle, which creates a slithering path up and down the planet from the north pole to the south. Babylonians first discovered Draconic months and were able to accurately predict eclipses.  Solar eclipses occur in intervals of roughly 18 years as the moon snakes its way around the planet.  A Saros is a complete set of around 75 eclipses.  The full cycle takes about 1300 years to complete and each eclipse in a cycle occurs on the same node of the moon each time.  At the beginning and the end of the cycle, solar eclipses are brief and partial.  At their fullest, they are total and last around 7 minutes. 

As Americans are prone to do, we created a lot of hype and significance around the ‘Great American Eclipse of 2017’ because it took place all over our country. The fact is, solar and lunar eclipses are pretty common with 2-4 of each happening every year. That means there are also several active Saros cycles, 39 to be exact—coiling up and down the planet.

The August 21, 2017 eclipse reached its greatest occlusion over Hopkinsville, KY on Monday, at 1:26pm (CST) and the sun was completely blocked for 2 minutes and 40 seconds while the dragon took his meal.  This eclipse fell in the Saros Cycle 145, which is a north node eclipse series.

Spooky stuff:

Saros Cycle 145 began on January 4, 1639.  The first total eclipse in the series occurred on June 29, 1927.  Saros Cycle 145 has an alarming correspondence with earthquakes.  Every total solar eclipse in the cycle-to-date has been followed by at least 7.5 magnitude earthquakes within a 400-mile radius of the eclipse site within 4.9 years.  A third of those earthquakes happened within 6 days of the eclipse, and the average number of earthquakes was two per eclipse.  Nothing to be done with that little tidbit of trivia, except pay attention and have a plan.

Personal stuff:

As far as personal astrology goes, Susan Miller (one of the best astrologers out there, imho) is the queen of eclipses. They are a through line in her predictive work.  For her take, check out this article.

Basically, solar eclipses work like super-powered new moons and lunar eclipses work like super-powered full moons.  Eclipses also always throw in unexpected elements and surprises that are typically outside our realm of awareness.

The theme of this eclipse is Revelation.  August 21 indicates exposure of self—making that which is private, public.  When the dragon eats the sun, those things hiding in the shadows are revealed.

The August 21 eclipse happened in the 28th degree of Leo.  Leo is ruled by the Sun so a solar eclipse there has extra significance.

The eclipse occurred conjunct Leo’s fixed stars Algieba (the mane) and Regulus (the heart), which dwell in the 12th Lunar Mansion- Al Sarfah.  Al Sarfah is ruled by a dragon associated with the Pleiades and who is known as ‘the changer’.  The eclipse is also qualified by the Arabic Part of Honored Acquaintances.

When the sun was blocked out in Leo in the tenth house (lots of king/father/city energy), the shadow energy of Aquarius in the fourth house will be revealed (mother/home/rebellion/change).  At the time of the eclipse Scorpio was rising, which means what was revealed for each of us was secret, transformative, and from our deepest depths.

Since this eclipse involves the north node, it will reveal important information about our futures, not our pasts. The eclipse, additionally, introduces a wild card into the mix. 

Another notable quality of this eclipse is the abundance of planets in retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and even the North Node itself.  These retrograde planets bring disruptiveness and challenge to our existing order.  The scaffolding we hang our identity on is likely to get shaken up.

Of course, how the eclipse affects each of us personally—how strongly and in what specific areas of our lives—depends on our own natal charts. In general, we will glimpse the unconscious energies driving us, and the unspoken values in our lives they represent.  If there have been historical hang ups—recurring like a record skip throughout our lives—this eclipse might just help us change the tune.